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‘Stros Bros Podcast 028


‘Stros Bros Podcast 028.

Richard, Lee, and Alex reunite to kick off season two and celebrate the Stros Bros anniversary! All this, and more catching up in this episode!

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Luhnow Magic


As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the Astros have traded Shortstop Jed Lowrie and pitcher Fernando Rodriguez to the Oakland A’s for Chris Carter, Brad Peacock, and minor leaguer Max Stassi. Astros mastermind General Manager Jeff Luhnow worked out another amazing trade, getting anybody to agree to take Fernando Rodriguez all on its own is a miracle, but getting more than what he’s worth is astounding. Continue reading

It’s Not Happening…

Over the last week or so, I have been amused, outraged and confused by the articles and comments that I have been reading. Call this a follow-up to my first article, An Open Letter to the Casual Fan, because various media outlets and bloggers are clogging the minds of fans with worthless information that I would like to clear up.

First on my list, Josh Hamilton: The Houston Chronicle posted an article that Josh Hamilton was a fit with the Astros and even went as far as posting a poll as to whether or not they should make an attempt to sign him. Really? This type of journalism is foolish and should have never been published. This article generated pages of fans debating on whether or whether not Josh Hamilton should actually be signed by the Astros.

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Jed Lowrie Disappoints in Corpus Christi


In his first ever game in a Corpus Christi uniform, Jed Lowrie made a rehab start as a designated hitter for the Hooks Friday night in their elimination game against the Roughriders. Lowrie was rehabbing his ankle, he was put in the line up, moving the Hooks’ usual DH Drew Locke out of his spot. Having a major league caliber hitter would give the team an advantage on paper, but does not always transfer over onto the field.

Lowrie went 0-4 with his lone game with Corpus Christi. He struck out each of his four times, when he struck out the fourth and final time, he received boos from the 5059 Hooks fans in attendance. Both, fans and Lowrie were disappointed in his performance, leaving the goose egg, doughnut, sombrero, or whatever you want to call it, Lowrie immediately stormed from the dugout, into the tunnel and off into the Hooks clubhouse.

It is questionable why Lowrie started, but the question is easily dispelled with the answer that minor leaguer championships do not matter to the big club, especially when it comes to getting on of their players a rehab start.

You could say that the starting of the hobbled Lowrie over proven, healthy Drew Locke messed with the Hooks’ chemistry, but Lowrie isn’t the only one carrying the burden, shortstop Jonathan Villar made his return, a head scratcher for sure.

Villar was sidelined for nearly two months with a fractured wrist after punching the bathroom door in the Hooks dugout after striking out. Villar delivered a solid punch that Amar’e Stoudemire would have been proud of. Villar replaced Adam Bailey who had been placed on the injured reserve list for an emergency appendectomy.

It’s a shame that these guys couldn’t help their team win, and for Lowrie I’m sure it’s going to be a long ride back to Houston. All he can really do now is coast to the end of the season and enjoy the offseason until February and March roll around and Spring Training starts again.

– Richard Perez

#Astros Injury Report

The Astros placed short stop Jed Lowrie and catcher Jason Castro on the DL on Sunday.

Lowrie was injured during a collision at second base in the third inning of Houston’s 12-inning 3-2 loss to San Francisco on Saturday. Lowrie suffered a sprained right ankle and damaged a nerve in his right leg.

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Root. Root. Root!

The Astros have played some pretty good baseball as of late. They are only 3 games behind five hundred. With that said, the Astros have some guys making their plea for the All Star game. Here are a few that I think SHOULD make that squad. If not all, at least one. You ready?


WANDY RODRIGUEZ: Hmm…the Magic Wandy. What can be said? He’s been really solid until last night’s three home run game. Heck, he was even good then. He went 8+ innings giving up 4 runs all by way of the long ball. He came out in the ninth because he had a very low pitch count. I see nothing wrong with sending him back out there. He’s been one of the best pitchers in the NL this year. Had he not given up that last home run, he would have had a really good outing in my opinion. One at bat can change an entire performance, and it did last night. It didn’t win or lose him the game, but it made his line less sexy. Those were his first home runs of the young season.


JED LOWRIE: This dude is killing it in Houston already. He’s been great offensively and defensively. In fact, I’ve already written a blog just about Lowrie. For the people that think a change in scenery doesn’t have an effect on a guy, just look at Lowrie for evidence. He’s done nothing but good since coming from Boston. Luhnow knew what he was doing when he grab Jed. He has one of the highest batting averages in the NL and he leads the Astros in home runs.


JOSE ALTUVE: In case you missed it, I just finished up a quick blog on him over at Lee’s Astros. You can find that HERE! He is for sure making his case for the big game. Before getting the call last year he was hitting .389 in the minors. The legend of Altuve is growing strong you guys. He’s hitting .351 this year with an OBP (On base percentage) of .391. That is just amazing. His average is one of the highest in all of baseball.


If you’re new to Astros baseball. These guys aren’t the same as the past few years. The Astros have some guys that can play and actually deserve a spot on that All Star Roster. So if you haven’t filled out your ballots yet, you better make room for at least one of these guys! Root. Root. Root.

Long Stay for Short Stop (hopefully!)

“Yo Lee, your mom thinks I’m a keeper!” – Jed Lowrie

In the first deal of the year for Jeff Luhnow, not only did he bring in a quality starting pitcher, but so far, he’s brought in both an offensively and defensively strong short stop. Not to mention, he’s young. He’s a great fit for the Astros. I know April just ended, but it’s looking like the Astros ran away with that trade. Or as some like to call it, the Astros and Jeff Luhnow committed trade rape. With Mark Melancon being dealt to the Red Sox and already in AAA, this Weiland/Lowrie trade could really end up lop sided. That is if Jed can stay healthy.


With the way Jed has played so far, he looks to have All Star potential. He’s played errorless baseball in the field so far and he’s hit .329 with 3 homeruns and 9 RBIs. If you’re a die hard fan like me, you’ve known the Astros haven’t had much offensive support from the short stop position in quite some time! I’ve liked him since we got him, but I think it’s safe to say every Astros fan is on the Lowrie bandwagon. Lowrie has batted from multiple positions in the lineup, but with this team, he looks like he was born for the three hole. If I had my way he’d follow Schafer and Altuve in our batting order. With the way those guys have gotten on base, we could score quite a few runs in the first with the way Lowrie plays. Jed plays the game hard and right. Hopefully there’s a long stay in Houston for this short stop!