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Winter Meetings Could Heat Things Up For the Houston Astros


The Houston Astros haven’t been all that busy the past few years in the offseason. They’ve signed older veterans to get them through the year. Last year’s offseason acquisitions included Jose Veras, Carlos Pena, and Rick Ankiel. However, this year, they’re actually spending real money. They’ve traded for Dexter Fowler, and they’ve signed Scott Feldman to a three year, 30 million dollar contract. They also brought in a former Astro Chad Qualls at two years 6 million dollars with an option for a third year at 3.5 million dollars. Those acquisitions could just be the tip of the iceberg for the Astros as the head into the Winter Meetings.

According to Brian McTaggart, the Astros are still in the market to add another reliever, as well as a middle of the order bat. Whether the Astros would trade for those guys is beyond me. I don’t think the Astros the spend millions of dollars, but they’re suggesting that they’re staying on track to raise the payroll up to 60 million dollars this year, and they’re not there yet.

Out of the relievers that are available in free agency, I would love for the Astros to take a look into Andrew Bailey, though he may be out of their price range. Another guy I would love for the Astros to sign would be Jose Veras. Veras was a big piece of the Astros bullpen last year, seeing as how they blew 10 saves in the month of August after he was traded, and 29 as a whole throughout the season.

Where things get a little weird is the Astros acquiring a “middle of the order” bat. There aren’t many on the free agent market unless you include Corey Hart, who would potentially hit 5th or 6th. However, the Phillies just made Dominic Brown available. If you remember correctly, the Astros tried to acquire Brown last season, and they may pick talks back up, but I’m not sure how big a possibility that is.

Nothing is imminent involving the Astros, but one can only imagine that they’ll be active in the market during the Winter Meetings. We’ll see were this leads, and as always, we’ll keep you updated if anything happens.


The Houston Astros Should Not Trade Jose Altuve…Yet

 (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Ever since last season, mentions of the Houston Astros trading their All Star second baseman have been cropping up, and for good reason. Whether you agree with me or not, Altuve is an All Star, and not just because he is on the Astros. Last season at the All Star game, Altuve was voted as the best second baseman in baseball by his peers (Major League players and Managers). He is a great ball player. He hits for a high average, and has a some pop in his bat for his size. He also plays pretty good defense. So far this season, we have seen him make some awesome plays at second. But, with ever decent player on a rebuilding club, the trade rumors will always surround them. The Astros’ 23 year old second baseman is no different.

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Could the Houston Astros Be Making Moves?

Paul Clemens Houston AstrosIs Jeff Luhnow back at it with his magical trades? Is Paul Clemens coming up to the Major League level? No one knows anything at this point. Okay, before we at the ‘Stros Bros begin any speculation, lets give a little back story. Other than the Opening Night victory, the Houston Astros have been atrocious. Especially the bullpen. Okay, today the bullpen was alright, they gave up 1 run in 4.2 innings, but even the sun shines on a dog’s hind end every now and again. But, of course the Astros bullpen is bad. That was a given headed into the season, but with this bad bullpen, it seems as if some moves are on the horizon.
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