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Hooks to Meet Missions in Texas League Playoffs

hooks Playoff time in the Texas League is looming and the Corpus Christi Hooks and San Antonio Missions are scheduled to meet in the opening divisional round, a best of five series. On September 4th in Corpus Christi the teams square off for the first two games, the series will move to San Antonio for game three and, if necessary, game four. Game five will be awarded to the team who wins the championship of the regular season’s second half, presuming a game five will be necessary of course. Arguably the biggest rivals in the Texas League are going to meet again, but this meeting means more than just bragging rights for these two great teams. Continue reading


Castro the All-Star


In a period in time where there has not been much to be proud of for Astros faithful, there always seems to be a bright spot for Astros fans to enjoy and savor during the middle of the summer. Last year being Jose Altuve being the lone Astros All Star representative in Kansas City, and the year before the Astros had Hunter Pence go to Phoenix before he was ultimately traded to the Phillies. This year is no different, sending catcher Jason Castro to New York City, yet it is far different from the others because of Castro’s background story leading up to this All-Star selection. Jason Castro’s journey to this point in his young career has been a one not easily traveled, being selected for his first ever All-Star Game in his career is a sort of icing on the comeback cake for Castro after the devastating knee injury that forced him to miss the entire 2011 season for the Astros. As heart wrenching a setback like that can be, Castro would not allow it to hold him back. Continue reading

Maxwell’s Days Potentially Numbered

St Louis Cardinals v Houston AstrosIt has been a fun ride for Astros fans watching Justin Maxwell take their hearts by storm over the last season and a half. Garnering love and respect from Astros fans for his personality and versatile style of play, Maxwell has hit a wall this year, a wall all too familiar with the 29 year old journeyman outfielder. Struggling with injuries in his tenure with the Nationals was a major part in his journey to his current slot in Houston, but as the injury bug has him in it’s firm grip, Maxwell’s tenure in Houston could just about be over if should he not shake the injury bug. Continue reading

Astros Feel Pressure From Disappointments

598-cuIoc.St.55It seems that the only thing that you hear about the Astros in 2013 is that they are bad, really really really bad. Most of what you hear about the Astros is how they are bad enough to out do the 1962 expansion New York Mets’ worst record in the modern baseball era. Most recently, Buster Olney (whom I revere and respect) on the Baseball Tonight podcast simply trashing the Astros, saying that they were “non-competitive” in their most recent sweep at the hands of the Detroit Tigers, the defending American League champion Detroit Tigers.¬†Olney went on to talk about exactly how bad this team is, listing every possible statistic the Astros are on pace to set a new season worst record for, and summarized how they simply had their butts handed to them on a silver platter by the best team in the American League. Continue reading

Astros Making Changes


Pat Sullivan/AP

A day that I that would have come much later than this early on, but Rick Ankiel was designated for assignment, along with Fernando Martinez, by the Houston Astros, and I feel this may be Ankiel’s final hurrah. Both players were hitting below the Mendoza Line (.200 BA in layman’s terms), Ankiel hitting five home runs and took only one walk in 65 plate appearances, and shockingly, he struck out a total of 35 times. Ankiel won the hearts of a few Astros fans early on in the Spring, captivating plenty more, including myself, with his Opening Night home run en route to defeat the Texas Rangers, but it has been all down hill for Ankiel and the Astros alike since that beloved Opening Night. Continue reading

Astros After April


Photo credit: Houston Chronicle

Already we’re in May, the first full month of the Major League Baseball season is in the books and the Houston Astros, the team that everybody though was going to tank, is unfortunately tanking, but they are not alone in the Major League cellar. As of May 3rd, the Houston Astros are sitting at an overall record of 8-22, tied with the Miami Marlins for the worst in the league. A tale of two different teams, heading in opposite directions, yet are on congruent territory, last place in their respective leagues. I compare the Marlins to the Astros for a reason, I feel that the Marlins went through what the Astros did from 2006 to 2010 in one year, collapsing and having management trying to buy a World Series title; contrast to the Marlins however, the Astros did not have an owner whom single-handedly ruined baseball for the entire city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, but Loria’s horrid past is unrelated. Continue reading

Astros Making Moves


After seven games played, 17 strike outs, and one hit in 27 plate appearances, the Astros optioned first baseman Brett Wallace to Triple-A Oklahoma City, and it comes a great news to me. I feel that Brett Wallace is on limited time in the Major Leagues and that he just isn’t going to pan out to be the highly touted prospect he once was. He’s had somewhat of a successful tenure in Houston, but I feel compelled to believe that he was transferred around from one organization to the next while never making an appearance at the Major League level is one of the more pieces of condemning evidence from early on the Brett Wallace was doomed to be a dud. I feel much more comfortable with Carlos Pena being at first base over Wallace, and even Chris Carter would be a better choice, in my opinion. After current highly touted prospect Jonathon Singleton had a breakout season in Double-A Corpus Christi, I came to the conclusion that barring an outstanding 2013 season, Brett Wallace was on borrowed time at the first base position in Houston, and the suspension of Singleton benefited Wallace as he was given sort of worry free situation about being able to hold onto the starting job at first without Singleton behind him, lurking and waiting for his chance to take the job away. Continue reading