Jose Veras Has Been A Pleasant Surprise for the Houston Astros

Jose Veras
The Houston Astros have been a very tough team to watch. They’ve had good moments, but for the most part, they’ve been terrible. There is bad defense, and terrible pitching. But as of late, the pitching seems to be turning a corner, whether it is the starters or the closer, those two things are getting better. However, they still need to work on a few pieces in the bullpen, and they need to teach Jimmy Paredes not to run everyone over.

One key piece in a bad bullpen is the closer, and after two early blown saves, the closer, Jose Veras, has really settled into his role, and is beginning to become a lock down closer.

Veras has still had shaky outings, like the one in Detroit where he would have allowed a walk off if it weren’t for some great defense from Brandon Barnes, but most inexperienced closers will have those.

Veras brings an intensity like no other. He goes out there and just attacks the hitters, and he is a real leader, on the field, and in the clubhouse. When Veras was signed, there wasn’t an exact feel of what he would bring to this young ball club, but he has certainly settled into the first closers role he has ever been given, and has become a really reliable late inning option for the Astros and Bo Porter to turn to.

Over his past 14 outings, veras has pitched 14.2 innings and allowed two runs while recording eight saves. Opponents are only 4 for 44 (.091) against Veras in those outings.

While the Astros are rebuilding, and ultimately improving as the season has gone on, Veras has been a pleasant surprise for this Astros fan. If the game is headed into the ninth with the Astros leading, there is probably a good chance the Astros ride out of that game with a win due to Veras locking it down.

–Lee White


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