Could the Houston Astros Be Making Moves?

Paul Clemens Houston AstrosIs Jeff Luhnow back at it with his magical trades? Is Paul Clemens coming up to the Major League level? No one knows anything at this point. Okay, before we at the ‘Stros Bros begin any speculation, lets give a little back story. Other than the Opening Night victory, the Houston Astros have been atrocious. Especially the bullpen. Okay, today the bullpen was alright, they gave up 1 run in 4.2 innings, but even the sun shines on a dog’s hind end every now and again. But, of course the Astros bullpen is bad. That was a given headed into the season, but with this bad bullpen, it seems as if some moves are on the horizon.

Early today, Astros prospect Paul Clemens packed his bags at AAA, shook hands with coaches and teammates, and told some fans he was headed to the “show”. Now, we’re not sure whose “show” he is headed too. No move has been made. No one is announcing this move. In fact, the Astros beat writers have been pretty silent about this, and they haven’t answered questions regarding this move. Could he have been traded? Maybe he is replacing someone on the roster who is going to be traded. No one truly knows, but Clemens is headed some where.

MLB Trade Rumors has mentioned a few interesting points today too. The Colorado Rockies acquired Aaron Harang and they have designated him for assignment shortly after. They, MLB Trade Rumors, also mentioned that the Astros have interest in acquiring him. If they do end up acquiring Harang, is Paul Clemens on his way to Colorado? I hope not. I am not very high on Clemens, but that certainly be a deal that the Rockies would win unless the Astros can flip Harang to a contender. If the Astros do in fact trade for Harang, who wouldn’t cost much, he would a veteran pitcher who eats innings, and could end up taking the place of Bud Norris who is on the trading block.

The Astros also have interest in Julio Borbon, Texas Rangers outfielder, who is likely to get designated for assignment tomorrow. I, for one, am not a fan of the Astros picking up Borbon. Yes, he has speed, but he can’t hit, and he can’t throw. He has developed a reputation of having a noodle for an arm in right field. Yes, he has the tools (speed) to make up for his lack of an arm, but I’m not really behind this move.

Where the Astros are at right now, it certainly looks like a deal is fixing to go down. Jeff Luhnow has always been good about keeping his trades quiet, but I believe the Paul Clemens situation could just be a call up. If so, I think Xavier Cedeno is on his way back to AAA.

–Lee White


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