Stros Bros Roundtable: WBC Edition


Today the Bros of the Stros Bros will be giving you their opinions on various topics concerning the upcoming World Baseball Classic which starts on March 2nd.

Question 1: What is your overall feeling of the World Baseball Classic? Explain.

Richard Perez: My feeling is that the World Baseball Classic could potentially be good, if it did not intersect with Spring Training. I try my best to enjoy it, ever since baseball on an international level was removed from the Olympics, but with all of the negativity surrounding it, it is hard to enjoy it.

Lee White: I love the WBC. It gives fans the chance to watch players from all over the world. Not just the superstars fans are familiar with either. It gives a bit of background behind every player. Also, it lets the fans see how important the great sport of baseball is to fans around the world.

Alex Calcote: I think it’s a good idea, although, I have never found it that interesting to watch. To be honest, by this time of the year my focus is mainly on spring training and what the Astros are accomplishing.

Question 2: Are you going to watch any of the WBC as you would a regular MLB game?

RP: As a fan of baseball, absolutely. I am more than likely only going to watch team USA or the Pool D teams (Canada, USA, Mexico, and Italy).

LW: Absolutely. I love baseball. It is an amazing sport. I will be rooting on Team USA as far as they go.

AC: Maybe, I wouldn’t watch it if there was a Astros spring training game on. To me, a real MLB game is 10 times more exciting than the WBC Classic.

Question 3: Did you care about any of the previous WBC tournaments?

RP: Yeah, I watched every game that I could of the 2009 and 2006 tournaments, I watched it all the way to the finals. I’m honestly excited about this upcoming tournament, I’m hoping Team USA can make a run for it and unseat defending champions Japan. I just love baseball in any form.

LW:  Of course! Granted, Team USA hasn’t been as good as I would like, I still care. I love the Astros, but I am also just a fan of the sport. So much so, that I woke up extra early to watch Opening Day in Japan last season when the A’s played the Mariners.

AC: I’ve never followed any of them intensively, however I have caught some of the games now and then.

Question 4: What is the biggest flaw of the WBC in your opinion?

RP: The biggest flaw is that the tournament is around Spring Training and interferes with it, and usually the best players stray away from the WBC in favor of keeping themselves healthy and fresh for the MLB’s rigorous 182 game regular season. I think that the dates of the tournament should be moved towards either right after the World Series and the rosters made after the  Championship Series. With those and the regular season is over, the WBC would have really no interference with any MLB events.

LW: I am not sure there is one. There are a ton of All Stars on the rosters. You have to qualify for it. And it is played at the perfect. It doesn’t run into the regular season, it doesn’t start too early, I like it just the way it is. 

AC: It’s during spring training, that’s always been the main reason I don’t pay attention to it. It’s hard for the players do that and get back to spring training. Earlier this year, Fernando Martinez was going to commit to play for Spain in the WBC. However, he was later told by  Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow that it would hurt his chances of making the team, because he would miss a decent portion of spring training.

Thank you for reading! If you have a topic or question you want the guys to discuss, send us your questions by emailing Richard at

– The ‘Stros Bros


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