Can Nate Freiman Make the Houston Astros?

Nate Freiman Houston Astros

Nate Freiman

Nate Freiman was taken by the Houston Astros in the Rule V Draft. Freiman, a career .294 hitter in Minors, has never seen Major League playing time. He has that chance now. Freiman has shown the ability to hit, and hit with power. 2012 marked his second straight season driving in 100 runs or more. The only mark on Freiman that I have found is he doesn’t really have a position to play in the field. Good thing the Astros will have a DH this season!

The Astros find themselves in a bit of a problem, but, it is a good problem to have. The Astros have a ton of first basemen, designated hitters, and left fielders. Chris Carter, Carlos Pena, Brett Wallace, JD Martinez, and of course, Nate Freiman will all be battling out for starting positions this Spring Training.

With the news of Fernando Martinez being tied Biogenesis, an “anti-aging clinic” that sells PEDs in Miami, the right field spot just may open up for Chris Carter’s taking. If that happens, there may only be one hitting position up for grabs. That being the DH.

Over the years, Carlos Pena has been able to hit the long ball. But he is getting old. A veteran presence on this young Astros team is a good thing, but with every year he adds to his life, that batting average and those home run numbers keep falling.

Freiman, on the other hand, is just coming into his prime. His numbers are on the rise, and so is he. Bo Porter has already stated that he is a big fan of Nate Freiman. That can only help Freiman in the long. If Freiman is going to make the Astros, he’s going to need a good spring to do so. I am 100 percent sure Freiman can do it. He is a six foot eight inch monster who can hit. I believe he will not have any trouble doing so this spring. So if I’m right — which I’m usually not — you can paste down Nate Freiman on this years 25 man roster coming out Spring Training. You’re welcome.
–Lee White


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