‘Stros Bros Weekly Roundtable #1


As the offseason is coming to an end as pitchers and catchers will soon report, we will be trying to keep the site updated. One way to keep the site updated is by doing a roundtable questionnaire where all participating parties will give an answer to a question. If you have a question you want us to answer, you can email me at Rperez.99@hotmail.com.

First question: How do you feel about the opening day match between the Rangers and Astros on ESPN?

Richard Perez: I feel it’s a good thing, I’m glad we’ll get a chance to see our team on a nationally televised game. Let alone getting to see our team on television because CSN Houston has been constantly dragging their ass about getting people to carry their channel. I think it is a chance to show off our new uniforms and just build hype about the look of the team and the new direction we are heading in. It may result in a loss, but I think it’ll be good to see our team in a national stage again.

Lee White: Honestly, I love it. It gives the Astros a chance to showcase their young talent against what ESPN wants to be the “top dog.” That said, I do believe ESPN is going to try to make this into a big rivalry. Right now it isn’t close. You have to win every once in a while for it to be a rivalry.

Alex Calcote: I’m definitely excited to see the Astros and Rangers kick off the 2013 MLB season. With the Astros finishing last in the MLB the last 2 years it’s been very hard to get any national exposure. So I think it’ll be refreshing to see them back on ESPN, it’s definitely been awhile.

What is your feeling on the supposed Lone Star Series “rivalry”?

RP: I feel that there is no rivalry whatsoever, not because of the reason that they never played each other often, aside from six times every season. From it’s start in 2001 the Astros have claimed three Silver Boot trophies and the Rangers have taken six, and split the other three series. Since 2009, the Rangers have won 19 games out of 24. There is no rivalry whatsoever, even former Astro Mike Lamb said that there was no rivalry, and it is only for the fans.

LW: It isn’t a rivalry yet. Give it a few years though. In a few years when the Astros are competing with every team in the AL, it will be a rivalry. Like I said earlier, you have to win for it to be a rivalry. The Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers have a chance to make their series one of the biggest in baseball. The Astros just need to win a few series first.

AC: I don’t think that just because 2 teams play in the state that automatically makes a rivalry. The Astros have gotten killed the last few Lone Star series, there isn’t a rivalry if we aren’t competitive

Second Question: Where do you stand on and how do you feel about Lance Berkman becoming a Ranger?

RP: I loved the idea of having fan favorite Lance Berkman back, but with the youth movement, and Berkman’s nagging heath issues, I’m glad the Astros did not end up signing him despite making him an offer. I’m glad he found somewhere to play ball, and we’ll definitely see him a lot and will have plenty of chances to show him our love in Houston as the Rangers are in our division.

LW: Lance Berkman is at the end of his career. He’s chasing a ring and everyone knows it. I’m not going to lie. I’m disappointed. Not because he didn’t sign with the Astros, but because he is now a Ranger. I’m not mad at Lance, I completely understand why he did. With that said, he will be booed come opening day in Houston.

AC: I’m fine with it, honestly I was proud just to see someone sign him. I would have liked for him to come back to the Astros and play in that DH role, but when Carlos Pena was signed I knew there would be no chance of signing Lance.

Third Question: Do you feel that Nolan Ryan has betrayed/turned his back to the Astros? Why or why not.

RP: I’m really split about this, I sort of feel that he has, but in all reality, it is just business for the man. He’s the principal owner of the Rangers and he was beloved during his tenure in Houston. My main beef is that he chose to wear the Rangers cap on his Hall of Fame plaque rather than the Astros. Had he chosen the Angels,whom he had more success with, I could live with it, but aside from throwing his last no hitter, and not much else with the Rangers, I clueless as to why he chose them.

LW: No. Now I know I’m in the minority on this question, but Houston isn’t the only team Nolan Ryan played for. He also played for the Rangers who he is probably more famously remembered for. I don’t think he turned his back or betrayed Houston. However, I do believe he is showing favoritism.

AC: Not at all, he may have played with the Astros longer but he has a closer connection with them. In no way was he obligated to come to the Astros organization and it’s wrong to assume he should have.

– The ‘Stros Bros


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