Roger Clemens close to returning to Houston

The Houston Astros have made many changes this off season. From uniform changes all the way to broadcast booth changes. The Astros are close to yet another change. Many, including us here at Stros Bros, thought Roger Clemens would return to Houston as a pitcher. That didn’t happen. It doesn’t like it will happen either. However, the Houston Astros are close to a deal with Clemens to return as a minor league pitcher’s mentor.

The plan for Clemens is to help out during spring training and then also during the regular season. The seven time Cy Young award winner was schedule to meet with Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow.

“We’ve got the whole calendar mapped out and we’re going to sort of figure out what makes sense,” Luhnow said Monday. “But the idea is to plug him in in spring training, plug him in throughout the season, and just have him get a lot more involved with our pitchers.”

We may have been wrong about Roger Clemens pitching in Houston, but we were not wrong about Clemens returning to the Astros. According to Brian T. Smith, Clemens is on the verge of taking “active role” with the Astros. As mentioned earlier, he will not be pitching, he will be a mentor the young pitchers in the Astros organization.

Owner Jim Crane and pitching coach are behind the addition of “The Rocket”.

–Lee White


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