Getting to it!


Now that the distraction of politics and the presidential election is out of the way, it means that November is getting started and the Arizona Fall Leagues are going strong!

While the season may be over, the prospecting and evaluating is just beginning, Jeff Luhnow and company are getting to the meat of the hot stove MLB free agency. We all know that Luhnow set the bar high with the expectation of a .500 season next year, and if he is confident in what this team can do, it can only speak to the potential of what he sees in this team.

Obviously, the Astros won’t make a giant splash just yet in the free agent market just because of the wealth of prospects in the system and refusing to take a chance away from them to reach their potential. Why not be excited for it? After the way Bo Porter spoke to the five thousand strong at that Launch Party, it boosts the energy amongst the fans and more than likely the players who were there by leaps and bounds. Porter’s speech seemed to resonate throughout the ballpark, and it feels as if Luhnow has made the right choice in getting the right guy.

Luhnow and his scouts CAN improve this team and I personally believe that he knows a winning recipe and how to boost the franchise to success. The only questions are: what is going on in the mind of Luhnow? What exactly is the plan? What positions does he think we need to bolster? What about the draft? Will we aim for Mark Appel again?

Obviously, even if asked of the record, I doubt Luhnow would reveal any part of his plan. Unless the plans some how got leaked on to WikiLeaks, – with as much Astros leaking there has been recently, it just may happen – Luhnow knows. Coincidentally enough, Bo knows as well, and I think I can say safely that the fans who have remained up until this point will remain. We’ve made it this far, why give up now? It’s a critical time in the franchise, and they need our undying and undivided support.

Mr. Luhnow, here is to you! We here at the Stros Bros wish you the best in getting everything set into place, we all will be watching the waiver wire very closely, anticipating your every move with pure excitement!

– Richard Perez


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