Uniforms Released!


To say that I am blown away by these uniforms, the perfect mix of old and new, the piping/headspoon on the uniforms look gorgeous, Lee and I will go into detail in a podcast soon to give our full opinion, but this will be about the party itself.

I arrived at Minute Maid Park around 5:15, and went in after getting my tickets at will call, and I was greeted at the Diamond Club entrance and ushered to the elevator, guided to the field where I was overwhelmed by just the pure abundance of people there, and just how beautiful it felt to be on the field level of Minute Maid Park. Concessions were free (sodas and popcorn), and the presentation was amazing. I applaud Jim Crane and every single person who was involved in orchestrating this, simply an amazing event organized by the Houston Astros organization, and there was high quality entertainment.

Despite having a chunk of this spoiled, the spoilers did NOT rain on the parade of the Astros. The excitement in the air, and the electricity flowing amongst the fans made the experience unforgettable.

I dont know if it was just the feeling of being surrounded by at least a thousand people who shared a love for the Astros, or just a rush I felt as the anticipation was paying off, but I know this is a crucial point in the franchise’s history and a major turning point in the recent history, as expectations have been raised to at least a .500 team next season. Given the way new manager Bo Porter addressed the fans, it feels like the Astros are a brand new team all over again, and not only do they have a fresh new start in the American League, the team has the full support of the city of Houston behind them as the team that they loved and cared about is back again.

The Astros have solved their identity crisis, and hopefully we can start winning again.

The distance between now and Spring Training will seem to drag on even more now that we’ve been given a tease of what is to come next season.

Thank you everybody who made this possible, the Astros are back!

– Richard Perez


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