More leaks, this time by MLB

After Academy and leaked the Houston Astros logo and primary logo, I was hoping the leaks would come to end. Unfortunately Jim Crane and the Astros continue to have their unveiling party spoiled. This time the leak came via Major League Baseball. Although I’m not happy about, I liked what I saw from the leak.

The Astros hat (only one) was leaked on It has since been fixed. is updated by Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM). MLB has since apologized and fixed their mistake.

Jose Altuve sporting the new look hat

To the left, you can see Jose Altuve sporting the Astros new hat courtesy of MLB.

Personally I love the hat. It doesn’t look like the old school navy blue hats mainly because it isn’t navy blue. It looks very slick and classy. In previous leaks, there was orange piping and an orange undershirt on the uniforms. Also, the blue hat had an orange bill. Well not in this leak. Remember, previous leaks were a photoshopped picture of the unveiling party picture we all received in the email.

Considering this picture was taken straight off, it is safe to say these are the Astros 2013 Hats. I love them honestly.

The ‘Stros Bros other Bro, Richard Perez, will follow this article up with an opinion of his own. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

–Lee White


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