Astros logo leaked. AGAIN!

Here is the shirt from Academy

Yesterday the Houston Astros new logo was leaked by an Academy in the Houston. They accidentally had shirts for sale with Houston’s new logo and color scheme. If you missed that story, you can find it HERE. Seeing as how I’m going to the November 2nd unveiling of the new uniforms/mascot, I was hoping this was the end of the leaks. But as we found out later today, that is not the case. This time an online retailer,, leaked the Astros’ new primary logo.

As I said, yesterday, Academy leaked out the new Astros logo. Earlier that day, Topps, the card company, tweeted a photo of uncut baseball cards that revealed the Astros new logo. For the third time in two days, a new picture of the Astos logo has been leaked. This time, it’s the Astros primary logo has been leaked. If you go to you can see for yourself. You have to dig a little bit, but it’s there. It was leaked on an iPhone 5 case. If you order it online from them, you can actually receive it BEFORE the November 2nd unveiling. It has been a tough week for the Astros, and it’s only the offseason!

2013 Primary Logo

The picture to the left shows you your 2013 Houston Astros primary logo. As you can see, it is a pretty slick looking logo, at least in my opinion it is. From the past few leaks, it was pretty obvious that the Astros were going to be going back to their navy blue/orange uniforms. After yesterday, we knew that the big star and H would be back. Now, we find out for sure they’re going back to the blue/orange.

I’m still excited for the uniforms. From what we’ve seen I really like the logos. They’re not the same as before, and are all around pretty nice.

From Richard’s last article, he showed you a semi leaked home uniform of the Astros. So far nothing for the away uniforms is out there. We can only speculate right now. I also have no idea what kind of alternate uniforms the Astros will be using. Hopefully something a little outrageous. For all that, hopefully we’ll have to wait until November 2nd, which is the official unveiling. If any of you will be there, don’t hesitate to say hello!
Special thanks to Chris Creamer of for allowing us to use these photos. Thank you!


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