Astros Logo and Uniform Leaks!

Well, this is a but of a killjoy! I really wanted to wait until the unveiling date to actually see the logos, uniforms, and merchandise, but it seems that there has indeed been a few miscues that the Astros really had no part in, well except for a few…

Twitter user Ernest Moreno @Astromo1977 tweeted this picture of what he saw at his local Academy store, to the naked eye, you’d think ” well, this is probably just a Cooperstown shirt, nothing to get excited for.” To the untrained eye, yes this could be a Cooperstown shirt, but there is n tag on the shirt to prove otherwise, and this logo is much different than the previous H-Star. As you can see, the H is beveled and given an 3D effect, and the star is given its own bit of detail, different color shading, really modern look on it. Highly approve of this logo, throw a circle and possibly some lettering, and you’ve got yourself a brand new primary logo. This is gorgeous, and this is THE best logo in the history of the Astros, and the blue and gold in a close second place.

Here you can see a sheet of Topps baseball cards, but if you look closely at the third to last row, you see Lucas Harrell and Jed Lowrie, and the new Astros logo on them, obviously it has the old uniforms, but the new logo on there is gorgeous.

Everybody got this email, and it was basically a giant tease from them, you can see minor detailing of the uniform here, and really, this was a poor job of disguising it, as you can toy with the exposure and brightness, and reveal some more juicy details about this…

Thanks to the geniuses at Chris Creamers Sportslogo’s, the we can see Jordan Lyles sporting the jersey, and we can see the wordscript and how truly gorgeous it is.







Despite having some of the anticipation sucked out of the wait, I think it’s best that we can see the just how much of an improvement this will be. The Astros did NOT disappoint, and I cannot wait to see the alternate and the away uniform, because they truly knocked it out of the park on this one. Oh and as far as the cap goes, here she is:

BEAUTIFUL. I love the use of the orange on the bill, I was concerned that it would just be an all navy blue cap, and I’d be buying another one to match my Flashback Friday cap, but as we can clearly see here, this is nowhere near that. The hat is a fine touch of art, and it really compliments the jersey. I cannot wait to buy my own on November 2nd at the launch party!




Thank you Jim Crane for being an owner the fans can get behind and support, amazing work on rebranding the team to say the least.

(huge hat tip to Chris Creamers Sportslogos for the pictures.)

– Richard Perez


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