Bo Porter Named new Astros Manager


It’s official! Astros have chosen to hire Washington National Third Base coach Bo Porter as the new Manager! Suspicions were tossed around by Lee and I minutes before Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi tweeted that sourced told and confirmed with them that the press conference the Astros have for tomorrow at 10AM is to introduce Bo as the manager.

Timing is very odd as Porter is not finished with the Nats, he will not start with the Stros until the Nationals are finished with their postseason run.

The Astros also interviewed Tampa Bay Rays bench coach Dave Martinez, Boston Red Sox bench coach Tim Bogar and their own interim manager, Tony DeFrancesco.

Jeff Luhnow, the Astros’ beloved first-year GM, hired DeFranceso to replace Brad Mills on August 19 whom they had fired. The Astros currently at 51-105, will finish with the worst record in the majors.

The Stros Bros would like to extend a big thank you and much gratitude to Tony D for all of his work with the Astros. I speculate that DeFranceso will more than likely return to Triple-A Oklahoma City, sending interim manager Keith Bodie back to Double-A Corpus Christi. We would also like congratulations to Bo Porter for coming to give the Astros a shot, Porter, 40 years of age will be taking his first managerial job after applying for a job with the Pirates, he was also with the Diamondbacks and Marlins before joining the Nationals.

Porter will be joining the Astros as their first manager during their inaugural season in the American League. Porter had previously played in the American League for the Oakland Athletics and the Dallas, I mean, Texas Rangers, playing for the Rangers lastly in 2001.

– Richard Perez


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