New Uniforms to be Revealed November 2nd

Finally! At long last, the Astros uniforms WILL be unveiled on Friday, November 2nd. From mere rumors and speculations over a single tweet last year that fueled my conspiracy theories, to the psuedo-confirmation of a new look for the move to the American League. I am still curious as to what happened to the person who tweeted that around this time last year.

I can’t remember the person’s name or twitter handle, but I distinctly remember seeing a series of tweets saying that he was in a “private” type of meeting and that the new jersey’s “prototype” was being shown off, and that it resembled the shooting star jersey. I have yet to see this person in twitter since, and I know I favorited that tweet, and maybe two days later, the tweet was gone as was the person’s account. Conspiracy, right?

I’ve been really adamant about this for a long time, but mum about it as well. I don’t know why, but this just feels a little surreal. I feel like the move to the AL is abrupt and unnecessary, and quite frankly, Houston has been the subject of Selig’s disregard for a while. Selig hasn’t reached Bud Adams level of hate YET,the end of the ’08 season and this move to the AL West just confirms, at least to us Astros fans that Selig has beef with Houston. Coincidentally enough, it is Selig’s beloved Brewers that threw the AL-NL alignment out of whack. In 1998 he moved his beloved Brewers to the NL Central, WHERE THE ASTROS ALREADY WERE. This is starting to turn into a Selig hatefest, but I don’t care.

There shouldn’t be a final National League game, there shouldn’t be a “new look for the American League” there should be a new look to get a fresh start in the NATIONAL LEAGUE WHERE WE BELONG.

But, I digress, I am very excited about the jerseys. It will be a fresh start for our guys and we’ll look like the Astros. Now, we all just sit and wait for the announcement!

– Richard Perez

(P.S I still hate you, Bud Selig)


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