Astros Show Fight, Win 4 Game Series

The Astros are the worst team in baseball. Everyone knows that, it’s no secret. In the article where I introduced Tony DeFrancesco I said he would install a winning mindset in this team. I also said it wouldn’t be immediate. And it hasn’t been. But Tony D is doing everything possible to get the most out of hand he’s been dealt. He even gave out 200 dollar headphones to 5 different players after a game in the Cubs series. He doesn’t care, he wants to win, and he wants to get everyone out on the field who will play their butts off. I can get behind that and respect that. Tony D may not be the manager come next year, but he’s certainly making his case.

Just don’t call us The Regulators…

The Astros came into this series with 98 losses on the season. Most people thought the Astros would come out of this series with at least 100 losses. The Astros beg to differ. The Astros showed heart, and rallied late in two of the four games in this series. We’ve seen it all year long. The Astros will fight. They may not end up on top a lot, but they will fight, and that’s what is better about this team rather than last year’s team. These guys have heart.

Something that also helped the Astros in this Phillies’ series would have to be the bull pen. They really pitched well. They kept the team in the game late and gave them chances to win. This is something that was happening early on. Early in the season it looked as if he could hold any team down late in the games. Come late May, it all changed. Blown saves left and right. It’s nice to see these guys, led by Wilton Lopez, get it back on track.

Lopez is the definition of heart and soul. He will be out on that diamond every night if he had his way. He gives it his all non stop and will always have his teams back. Lopez is leading this team with his attitude. He may be our closer by committee, but his heart is helping lead this team in the right direction.

Lopez came in during the last game of the series with 1 out in the 8th, tying runner on second, and shut that game down. He’ll come every game and attack, attack, attack. You have to love it.

Have mentioned how awesome Wilton Lopez is lately?

–Lee White


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