#Astros Don’t Sign Clemens..Yet.

As everyone knows, our article last night called for the Houston Astros to sign Roger Clemens today. Well he hasn’t been signed…yet. Like we clearly stated last night, that article was purely speculation based on what we had been told by an inside source. That source texted me this morning at 8:00 saying everyone was speculating it was now about the new owner. So truth be told, no one truly knew what was going to happen. It turned out the 8:00 meeting was nothing important, that is unless you’re worried about the employee’s company softball game…

While Clemens hasn’t been signed yet, we at the ‘Stros Bros still believe he will pitch in Houston at some point this year. As earlier noted, probably Legend’s weekend. That seems to make the most since to me. The Astros will host the Pirates that weekend who are currently sliding out of the wild card race. They have lost seven straight and are now only one game above .500. Thank you baseball Gods. This obviously can’t be the most important story of the day, can it? It’s not.

Larry Bowa, ex Philadelphia Philles’ manager and current MLB Network analyst, was in town today talking to the Astros about their managerial situation. Yesterday National’s third base coach Bo Porter was interviewed. Of the two, I believe Bowa would be the better choice. The Astros still have more interviews ahead, but for right now, I actually like Bowa. I like his experience.

Some people believe Bowa and the front office will have some problems because of the direction the Astros are headed. Clearly Bowa knows the situation he would be in if he does in fact get the job. I’m not sure who else the Astros will be interviewing for the job, but you guys will know when I find out.

I’m sorry if my article last night led folks in a certain direction. My apologies.

-Lee White


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