Possible Return For Old #Astros Favorites

With the season nearing its end, I figured I should write an article about a couple of my favorite Astros and look at the possibility of a return to the team. We all know of at least one Astro favorite who could return as early as THIS year. Who could the other one possibly be? You’re fixing to find out. I obviously don’t know this for sure, this is just me speculating.

Look at that goatee Lee…

One of the greatest switch hitters of this era, and of all time in my opinion, just underwent season ending knee surgery. This certain switch hitter played first base for the Houston Astros in 2010. This first baseman would obviously be Lance Berkman.

Now I know, he’s on the downside of his career.He’s been hurt a lot lately, especially this year. But if last year showed you anything, he still has a lot left. This year is a lot like his 2010 year in Houston.He’s hurt a lot. But I believe he will back next year with some team, and probably be a lot like last year’s form. Maybe fallen off a bit, but still productive and can still help a team win. Hopefully, that team is the Houston Astros.

Now obviously he wouldn’t play first base. In my opinion, he’d make a good DH and hopefully mentor the young players like Brett Wallace, Jason Castro, JD Martinez, etc.

I’m always down for veteran presence on a woeful team like the Astros, as long as that veteran presence can still perform. Maybe I’m just crazy, but I believe Lance Berkman can come to the Astros and perform. It obviously wouldn’t be like his prime, but he would be producing at a position that will be new to the Astros. People are saying this year is it for Lance, but I believe he will come back. No one wants to go out due to injury. I think Lance will be back, and personally I hope he is.


Now onto the Clemens Conspiracy. He says he’s not playing in the MLB this year. Jim Crane says its a possibility. Jeff Luhnow says

I’m coming back Lee, mark it down!

the Astros rotation is set. Who knows what is going on? I certainly don’t. But I do have a little conspiracy about all of this. Clemens will be back this year and he will START the last home game of the year. Let me tell you why.

I had a little conversation with Alyson Footer (Astros ex blogger, now works for MLB) about this fiasco. She believes Clemens won’t make a comeback this year just because Bud Selig can block the pickup of Roger Clemens if it compromises the integrity of a pennant race in a blatant way. Which pitching a 50 year old who hasn’t pitched in 5 years would, in her opinion. I understand where she’s coming from, but we both agree on the fact that the Pittsburgh Pirates could be out of the wild card race. Why is that significant? That’s who the Astros will play in the final home series of the season. That is when I believe the Rocket will make his final MLB appearance.

Clemens has stated that Houston is his team. Why wouldn’t you want to retire on “your” team.

With that said, Clemens still continues to say playing for the Skeeters is “just for fun.” But why would you continually invite the Astros scouts to your tryout and your starts? If he wasn’t coming back, the Astros wouldn’t be at his games. I can assure you of that.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Roger “The Rocket” Clemens will make one final start, and that final start will be the Astros last home game of 2012.

-Lee White



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