Jed Lowrie Disappoints in Corpus Christi


In his first ever game in a Corpus Christi uniform, Jed Lowrie made a rehab start as a designated hitter for the Hooks Friday night in their elimination game against the Roughriders. Lowrie was rehabbing his ankle, he was put in the line up, moving the Hooks’ usual DH Drew Locke out of his spot. Having a major league caliber hitter would give the team an advantage on paper, but does not always transfer over onto the field.

Lowrie went 0-4 with his lone game with Corpus Christi. He struck out each of his four times, when he struck out the fourth and final time, he received boos from the 5059 Hooks fans in attendance. Both, fans and Lowrie were disappointed in his performance, leaving the goose egg, doughnut, sombrero, or whatever you want to call it, Lowrie immediately stormed from the dugout, into the tunnel and off into the Hooks clubhouse.

It is questionable why Lowrie started, but the question is easily dispelled with the answer that minor leaguer championships do not matter to the big club, especially when it comes to getting on of their players a rehab start.

You could say that the starting of the hobbled Lowrie over proven, healthy Drew Locke messed with the Hooks’ chemistry, but Lowrie isn’t the only one carrying the burden, shortstop Jonathan Villar made his return, a head scratcher for sure.

Villar was sidelined for nearly two months with a fractured wrist after punching the bathroom door in the Hooks dugout after striking out. Villar delivered a solid punch that Amar’e Stoudemire would have been proud of. Villar replaced Adam Bailey who had been placed on the injured reserve list for an emergency appendectomy.

It’s a shame that these guys couldn’t help their team win, and for Lowrie I’m sure it’s going to be a long ride back to Houston. All he can really do now is coast to the end of the season and enjoy the offseason until February and March roll around and Spring Training starts again.

– Richard Perez


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