“Good Times, Bad Times, Ya know We’ve Had Our Share”

We did it Lee, we did it…

Over the weekend the Astros played the Brewers. And as they’ve done all season on Friday home games they wore their flashback Friday uniforms. This time it was the fan favorite (unless you’re a communist) Midnight Blue and Gold uniforms. It felt different for me that day. Jeff Bagwell threw out the first pitch and Lucas Harrell was on the mound. I thought we had a good chance to win. We had a 5-4 lead going into the ninth and despite the good performance from the pen lately, Wilton Lopez blew a save. Game was tied 5-5 and I thought to myself (and probably let twitter know as well) “here we go again.” But that was not the case. The Astros actually pulled it out and got the victory. Their first walkoff win of the year. I was ecstatic, I was pumped. How would the Astros top that? One can only guess by winning their first extra inning game. Which is just what happened. The very next day the Astros clinched the series and won in extras, in the blue and golds. Good times right? Seems like it was just yesterday..wait..what?

After those two victories we had to go back on the road. You know the place where the Astros can’t buy a win? Yeah, you remember. This time we were going to Wrigley to face the Cubs. The same place that had the billboard that read “Blast Houston into the AL.” Maybe the Astros would have some bad feelings about that. Or maybe not. The Astros were flat dominated in the first game of this 3 game series. 7-1. Out of all the pickups Luhnow has made, Greene, Pearce, etc, Armando Gallaraga was probably the one everyone was least excited about. And for good measures. He’s had very few brightspots in his career. Being on the Astros isn’t one of those bright spots. There’s a reason it took some time to sign him. There’s also a reason why he’s on the Astros team. Let’s be honest. The Astros are rebuilding. Armando’s not here for the long term. Why have him here for the short term? There’s someone in our system that is major league ready to be a starter. Lets be honest.

However, there was one bright spot in yesterday’s lost. That bright spot would be Brandon Barnes. He hit his first Major League home run. Here’s to many more my man!

So after yesterday’s beat down, the Astros have a good young pitcher in Lucas Harrell taking the hill. Harrell will face Chris Volstad who hasn’t won in 22 starts. The Astros should jump on him early and often. Get Harrell the lead, and he should be able to hang on to it. The Astros need this series. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t stand losing to the Cubs. I can’t do it. Losing hurts, but losing to the Cubs hurts more. Maybe it’s my competitive nature, maybe it’s my bet with @mbvader. Who knows. All I know is the Astros need to win this series. Finish off the rest of the season strong. Seriously, it’s a lost season, but wouldn’t some momentum for next season be nice? The end of the season is right around the corner. It hurts to imagine, but it is. Finish off the Cubs. Get me a win in my wager. It will make us all feel better.

After the reliving the good times of the 90s, the Astros jumped back to the bad times of late by losing two in a row. We can still take this series. And we will. Have faith. Remember this quote. “I hate losing. I hate losing even more than I like winning, and yes there is a difference.” – Billy Beane.

–Lee White


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