Heartbreak Hotel: Home of the Astros

First off, nobody said this year was going to be easy, and, before the season even started, I certainly could have told you that the Astros were going to easily be the punching bags of the Major Leagues for this year, and when the year first started, the Astros had some fight in them that lead many Astros fans saying “I don’t care if we lose all of our games, if we keep playing like this, I’ll be happy!”

Well, fast forward to August and the Astros are two games behind the Colorado Rockies, sitting in last place again, the Astros are poised to finish dead last once more, but if you truly think about this, and what it could hold for our team. Another number one draft pick, no, I don’t want the Astros to “throw” the season to clinch another first round pick, but it would most certainly be great if we could give GM Jeff Luhnow another number one draft pick overall to better emboss the future. Nothing is a for sure guarantee, but at the rate the Astros have bee going at, it seems that Bud Selig will be saying, yet again, “With the first round pick in the 2013 MLB amateur draft, the Houston Astros select…” is it a bad thing? Not to me, I remember the general feeling about the draft amongst Astros faithful was rather chipper and optimistic, getting two first picks overall is certainly not a a bad thing,  look at where the Washington Nationals are, they have the ace Steven Strausburg, and rookie sensation Bryce Harper, while Carlos Correa did not necessarily receive the coverage and hype that Harper did, it does not detract the tremendous upside Correa has in the Houston Astros organization.

The Astros are on pace to do worse than last years 106 loss season, projected to lose 108 games this year. A number which does not shock me when we only have 10 wins away from Minute Maid Park, and the month of July was a train wreck, winning only three games all month long, tying a franchise worst winning percentage for a month. August is a new month and a relatively fresh start for the guys now that they have a chance to settle in as the trade season is over, the remaining players can rest easy, and not have to worry about being traded anytime soon. Look forward to a great month of baseball as we get to the home stretch of the final leg of the season.

– Richard Perez


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