Have Faith in Jordan Lyles

To say Jordan Lyles can’t pitch would be flat dumb and ignorant. Let’s be honest. The guy has been pretty bad this year. He’s had flashes of brilliance but is still without a road win in his career. He’s been much better at home than on the road (like most of the team).  Lets not forget most of his games have horrible defense. Like today, the defense committed 4 errors in his start today. Awful! Something like that can be diminishing to a pitchers confidence, especially one who’s the youngest pitcher in the NL. And that’s just what we have in this case. People tend to forget that he’s the youngest pitcher in the National League. Let me say that again. THE YOUNGEST PITCHER IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE! Do you comprehend? Good. The Astros are rebuilding. Besides that, they’re just not that good. When an organization is having to build the farm system and the Major League teams from the ground up you’re going to have some bad ML teams. Players will be called up early and you’ll have some that just can’t play. In the situation of Jordan Lyles, he was just called up too soon.

Lets take a look at some other pitchers during the first two years. Maybe this will help put it in prospective.

In Felix Hernandez’s first full year, Hernandez had a 4.52 ERA. Lyles has yet to pitch a full year. So how bout we as Astros fans keep the faith with our young players before writing them off.

Here’s a nice little stat for you. In Zach Greinke’s first year, He went 5-17 with a 5.80 ERA. Do you see why I’m giving you these players ERAs when they were in their first full year? Have faith in our young gun Jordan Lyles.

Have you heard of a guy named Cliff Lee? Just in case you haven’t, let me give you a run down. He’s won multiple Cy Young awards and even has himself an MVP award. Do you know what his ERA was in his first full year? It was 5.43. Do you think he was written off after just one year? No. After that year he won 18 games and dropped his ERA by almost 2.00 points.

When it comes to Jordan Lyles, ignore the ERA. While he’s up getting valuable Major League experience, everyone else his age is in the minors. So instead of saying Lyles can’t pitch, research some of the elite pitchers right now and tell me if they “could pitch” in their first full season.

–Lee White


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