Planting a Foundation

The Astros are clearing house, flipping every veteran on the roster possible to yield prospects. The effort is headed by none other than beloved GM Jeff Luhnow, Luhnow is picking up right where his predecessor Ed Wade left off, and in many Astro fans opinions, doing a much better job, but that discussion is for another time. 

Luhnow has successfully pulled off a number of trades to unexpected buyers, from the Blue Jays, who most everybody expected to take Wandy, to our own division rival Pirates, who took Wandy. The number of prospects yielded by Luhnow has certainly turned heads around Astros fans’ universe. The Astros traded only five players and have received three fold that number, receiving seven from Toronto that was a ten player total deal.

This is not at all a surprise to me, I don;t think we are even done, we could see a minor leaguer or two packaged up, maybe Jimmy Paredes, or Brett Wallace, any possible Major League ready guys to bring in a high profile prospect, nothing has been mentioned of the sort, but it is something I wouldn’t be surprised to see and certainly would not be opposed to it. Of all of the loses, and trades amidst the Astros organization, I cannot help but remain absolutely positive about this team, while it is indeed getting stale and frustrating for most Astros faithful, we owe it to the team and the organization to remain positive and give them our undying and unrivaled support.

Jeff Luhnow is determined to get this team back in competitive shape, and no doubt finding the best suitors for the transition to the America League.

So to you, Mr. Luhnow, I and the rest of the ‘Stros Bros salute you and support you 100% percent!

– Richard Perez


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