‘Stros Snap Losing Skid Agianst the Friars

In what is arguably his best outing, JA Happ was on fire tonight, shutting out the Padres in PetCo Park, striking out four, walking only one, and surrendering four hits in 6.1 innings. I know I’ve harped on Happ before, but when he’s got run support, he’s rather comfortable out on the bump, and when Happ is hitting on all cylinders, he can keep a level head, and hold on to a lead. Happ got only his seventh win of the year, but it is a huge moral win for him and the boys.

The Astros broke a 13 game road losing streak on the road, the last road game won was the June 14th game, a day after Matt Cain’s perfect game.

The two runs scored ended up being the only two that the Astros needed, Scott Moore sacrificed to left field, scoring Jose Altuve from second, twice.

The Astros batters, exercised discipline at the plate drawing a season high nine walks, and only had five hits.

One stat that is jumping out at me has been our issue for almost the entire season, bringing in our runners in scoring position. Houston was 2-14 with runners in scoring position, the two successes were Moore’s two sacrifices to score Altuve. the Astros left the bases loaded, and 13 men total stranded on base.

Overall, a win is a win, and the fact that the Astros boosted their moral, and got the winning feeling back, I am happy and jubilant. To me, every win is like a World Series Game 7 win.

This year is not going to be a banner year, but with the recent decline, we have to remain positive, I cannot stress that fact enough. To those of you who claim to be die-hard and dedicated and are now getting tired of the losing, I suggest you find a bandwagon to hop on, this season is NOT going to be pretty. We’re building the foundation for the castle from which we will rule our dynasty from. If you cannot handle the anguish and refuse to be positive, and keep on spreading negativity, than we do not want you here. This is a year where the Astros have to take their lumps and go forward with the most positive attitude possible, with great upside and almost unlimited potential, both in the clubhouse and the farm system, the Astros could very well be 2016 or 2017 World Series Champions.

– Richard Perez


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