Welcome Back, Mr. Clemens

This is not going to be any speculation on what job Clemens might/should take, this is a warm welcoming back to Houston for the seven time Cy Young award winner. After the nasty stress and drama filled perjury case with Congress, Roger Clemens should be welcomed with open arms here in Houston, and after a long five year trial and being found not guilty, Clemens can now return to Houston to fulfill the ten year personal services contract.

New Astros owner Jim Crane has already gone on record saying that Clemens could have any job he desires within the Astros organization.

A start to a warm welcome and a beautiful relationship between Clemens and Houston, a relationship similar to the one shared between the Indiana Pacers and Larry Bird, who grew up in French Lick, Indiana, and despite Bird not playing for Indiana, he is considered the hometown hero for them, and the Houston Astros could very well have the same type of relationship with the Houston Astros.

I am all for the return of Roger Clemens, I say we throw a parade for the man down Texas street his first day on the job! While you can say I may be a biased, turning a blind eye to his legal troubles  because he played for my team, no, that issue was taken care of and whether or not he did lie to congress was solved when found not guilty. Legal issues aside, I think Clemens will be a fantastic addition to the Astros organization, whether he is coaching, or does scouting of sorts; I hope that he would come and fulfill his ten yet personal services contract, because he has years of experience and knowledge of the game of baseball that is unique to him, being an outstandingly successful pitcher.

Clemens should be welcomed byALL Astros fans, the man is willing to put work forth to make this franchise earn the glory and respect it once had while Clemens played. “I can’t get away from the game,” he said. “So I’ll do whatever they ask me to do, on any level. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Jim [Crane], and I’m sure we’ll talk.”

Finally, the Rocket has come back to Houston. Welcome back Mr. Clemens, you’ve been missed.

– Richard Perez


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