Potential job. Potential trade?

By now, everyone knows Roger Clemens was found not guilty of his charges during his perjury trial. But there’s a difference between being found not guilty, and being innocent. Personally, I’m glad he was found not guilty. I loved the Rocket. Heck, I even have a plaque of him on my wall. The guy is a local man and flat out loves the Astros. Ever since his retirement, he’s had a contract with the Astros. Nothing was ever done between the two sides mainly because of his legal issues. The first day he was found not guilty, Jim Crane had already expressed interest in having Roger Clemens work with the team. Whatever that may mean.

It could literally mean anything. Personally I’d like to see him as our pitching coach and Brocail moved to the bullpen coach. I just think that would make the most sense. The day after news broke about Jim Crane expressing interest in Clemens, Clemens responded by saying he would love to work with the Astros again. I’m excited. I know everyone can tell I want him on the job, but do you? If so, what kind of job do you want to see Clemens get. If you don’t want him working with the team, explain why.

From former Astros ace, Clemens, to current Astros ace, Wandy Rodriguez. We’re not even close to the MLB trade deadline yet, and talks of Wandy being traded have already started. Two years ago Rodriguez was supposed to be traded. Last year, the Astros and Rockies couldn’t work out a deal to move Rodriguez from Houston to Colorado. What could possibly happen this year?

The curse of Tommy John surgery has bitten a ton of teams already, most recently the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays are pretty focused on winning this year. They have a powerful lineup and had a good starting pitching rotation, but as of late, as been bitten by the injury bug.

Trade talks have really picked up. Obviously the Astros are going to want some top prospects back in return, and the Blue Jays have just that. Toronto has a freakishly deep farm system and that is obviously going to contribute in the Wandy sweepstakes.

Most people expect Wandy to be traded soon, possibly as soon as this weekend. Are you ready to say goodbye? Maybe you start on your breakup notes.



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