Silver Boot Series

After the whole perfect game incident, the Astros came back strong with a 6-3 victory. However, they obviously didn’t win the series. But after Thursday’s victory, this road trip is up to a .500 record at 3-3. Before this road trip, the Astros had 6 wins on the road the whole season! They have half of that number on this road trip alone. So as I said in an earlier blog, the Astros have had their fare share of road woes this year. Though it’s just a small sample, maybe, just maybe, the Astros are improving on the road.

Starting tonight, the Astros start a series against the Rangers in Arlington. In the first series, Lyles was dominated in the rubber match. Hopefully, he retains what he did last year in Arlington. It’s going to be a good game in my opinion if Lyles can stay out of a jam. Tonight Lyles opposes Yu Darvish and the high powered Ranger’s offense.

Yu hasn’t been outstanding this year, but he has been good. Yu showcases about 7 different pitches. It’s going to be tough to get in a groove against Yu, but if the hitters just stay patient, he’s had his sorts of control issues this year.

While this isn’t good news of any sorts, Josh Hamilton has been hospitalized due to an intestinal virus. Now I’ve never wished injury or sickness upon anyone, but the fact is this, this incident does nothing but help the Astros out.

The Rangers’ offense is not clicking and hasn’t for about five weeks now. They’ve hit around .250 in that time and it seems as if everyone has slumped at the same time.

This being the Astros last season in the National League, this will also be the last time the Silver Boot is on the line. While the teams will soon be fighting for pennants, no one will forget the battles of the touted Silver Boot.

-Lee White


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