Most Painful Perfect Game

By now you don’t even have to be an Astros fan to know what happened in last night’s game. But just to give you a hint, it had never been done by the San Francisco Giants, and never happened to the Astros. What exactly was it? It happened to be a perfect game, obviously, it was the most painful perfect game I had ever witnessed.

What hurts the most about this perfect game would be the fact that it was just so dominant. The ninth inning was the only inning of the game that Cain didn’t strike an Astros batter out. Had he struck one out, it would have set a strikeout record for a perfect game. He was absolutely dominant. Perhaps, the best perfect game ever.

Cain’s perfect game was just the 22nd in major league history (counting postseason) and the second of the 2012 season. Chicago White Sox right-hander Philip Humber threw a perfect game on April 21. Cain’s effort was the first no-hit performance by a Giant since Jonathan Sanchez no-hit the San Diego Padres on July 10, 2009. It’s not even July yet and we’ve already seen 5 no hitters (including  2 perfect games) and a four home run game. This could possibly go down in history as the best baseball season ever.

Cabrera made the first highlight play of the night, a leaping grab that secured the second out of the sixth inning. Snyder’s blast to left looked like it would easily travel into the left-field bleachers, but the thick San Francisco air knocked the ball down and gave Cabrera time to make the catch just inches in front of the wall. The perfect game was in jeopardy again in the seventh inning. The catch in the seventh was quite possibly the best catch I’ve ever seen.

After these two catches, I just knew it was going to happen. It was all apart of history. As much as I hated it when it happened, we all have to appreciate history. As I said earlier, this may go down as one of the most dominant perfect games ever. It hurts, but we were all apart if it to some extent.

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    • Lee White

      Thank you! Hadn’t noticed that until after I posted that comment. Guess I should have double read your post. Thanks again!

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