Catchers Indifference

If you follow me on twitter, you know how much I like the Astros catcher, Jason Castro. Well I got into a discussion with a follower (@PHABMK6) about the Astros catchers. We were talking about the Astros problems at catcher. Both Snyder and Castro haven’t been to good on defense. Now I know Snyder was only starting today because he is Lucas Harrell’s personal catcher. Besides that though, Snyder doesn’t have a real reason to start. Whether it’s a left handed starting pitcher or not, Castro should get the majority of the at bats in my opinion. But that’s just it, it’s my opinion.

“Yo Lee, thanks for the shoutout!” – Jason Castro

Yes, Castro was taken in the first round of the draft, yes you should expect better defense, but it’s also his first full season. Castro, though hasn’t been that good, hasn’t been that bad either. While defense is a question, he still has a .989 fielding percentage. He’s only .006 points behind Chris Snyder. It’s not that big of difference. The biggest difference in their games would have to be when these two have the sticks in their hands. Let us first look at quite possibly the most over used stat in all of baseball besides the save, lets look at batting average. While batting average is in my words “overused”, I will be the first to say I still like to see it when ranking players. Batting Average definitely shouldn’t be the deciding factor when ranking players, it should still be used. But we can’t forget to look at on base percentage (OBP), extra base hits, RBIs, Strikeouts, and also on base plus slugging percentage (OPS).

When looking at those stats, you should have no problem seeing who the better batter is. Castro has a higher batting average at .261 than Chris Snyder’s .189. Jason Castro has a much better OBP at .338 than Chris Snyder’s .284. Now is when we start getting into those deeper stats such as XBH, RBIs, Ks, and OPS. Jason Castro has 3 more extra base hits than Chris Snyder. While Snyder may have two more home runs than Castro, Castro still leads Snyder in the RBI category. Chris Snyder has 6 more strikeouts than that of Jason Castro. So you may see a bit of theme going on here. Castro is much better at the plate than people give him credit for. Castro leads in every stat there is when looking at their offensive production. But we still have on stat left. This should be no surprise to anyone. Castro has an OPS of .712 which is higher than Snyder’s which is at .607.

As you can probably tell, I’m a stat junkie. Especially when I’m trying to compare to players. From this blog and the research that I did, I can conclude that Jason Castro deserves and should receive more playing time down the road.



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