Losing streak moves to 5

“Yo Lee, I throw things when I’m angry. And this losing streak is making me very, VERY, angry. You won’t like it when I’m angry.” – Hulk Chris Johnson

Okay, so as most of you are aware, the Astros are in the midst of a 5 game losing streak. The pitching has just been absolutely awful. It’s hard to watch. But I continue to watch. Because I know these Astros, and these Astros aren’t the 2011 Astros, they can win just about any game they’re in. There’s many reasons why this losing streak is frustrating. I’ll start with the fact that our pitchers went from being one of the best in the month of May, to getting straight lit up.

Our bats haven’t had any trouble, even though that’s mainly the problem for the Astros in a losing streak like this. The Astros were straight man handled today. They’re now 6 games behind .500. The Rockies hadn’t won back to back games at Coors Field since early April. They have now won 3 against the Astros in this series. That’s just bad in itself. The Rockies aren’t the team the Astros are. Sure, the Astros are rebuilding, but look what they’ve done so far this season. Much better than anyone expected. But the Astros need some help right now.

The Astros have one game left against the Rockies. They will need Bud Norris to go at least seven, and give the Regulators a break. If you’re not familiar with the Regulators, that’s the Astros bullpen led by Brett Myers. The starters have gotten lit up in this series. Norris wasn’t sharp in his last outing, to say the least. He’s going to have live low in the zone with his fastball. He’s going to have to over power the hitters from Colorado as well. Here’s to the Astros starting a new streak tomorrow!



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