Rivalries Galore

“Yo Lee, don’t try to go past Brett Myers, it doesn’t work!” – Elvis Andrus

As everyone knows, the Astros and Rangers played a three game series over the weekend. It didn’t turn out the way most Astros fans wanted it too. I say most because it seems like some Astros fans are also Rangers fans. Which sucks. Besides losing the series, the Astros played a hell of game in the second game of three. It was probably the best game of the year so far and ended with a controversial double play. As the picture to the left clearly shows, Andrus was out. A few of you reading probably know I was at that game. It was intense, it was loud, and it was fun. More of the games need to be like that. The Astros are playing good ball. The Astros aren’t last year’s team at all. They are only 4 games out of first, three out of the wild card, and they have the best home record in the NL Central. They’re still a ways away from being back to their playoff ways, but it’s coming. I have a hunch that this Astros – Rangers rivalry will definitely take off with the move to the AL West. I was at three games of the Silver Boot Series last year and I’ve been to one so far this year. The one this year had more heat in it than the three last year. The fans are starting to catch on to this rivalry, and I’m hoping it sticks. It could be big if the Astros get back to their winning ways and the Rangers stay where they’re at the last three years.

After the tough three game series against the Rangers, things are going to get easier immediately (hopefully). The Cubs come to Houston and are currently in last place and just not that good. Tonight Bud Norris faces Matt Garza in what is sure to be a pitchers duel. This will be the Astros toughest game of the series in my opinion. Bud Norris has been much better in May than he was in April. So if the Astros can get 3-4 runs, they have a good chance of winning. It also helps that the Astros have one of the better bullpens in the NL and Cubs don’t. The Astros can easily win this series if not sweep. They’re good. Much better than most people think.

My favorite picture that I took from game two. Beautiful.


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