If ya Smell What the ‘Stros are Cookin’

No, the Astros did not sign WWE Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and before I get my nostalgia going, lets dig right into what the Astros are doing right, it feels like there has not been many positive things to write about the Astros recently, but the blow out win over the Milwaukee Brewers. The Astros, in a rare flurry of offensive explosiveness, buried the Brewers early on, going up 7-1 in only the first four innings. Another rarity for the Astros squad is only leaving three runners on base, and going 3-7 with runners in scoring position.

Ever so quietly leading the Astros, veteran Carlos Lee is having a banner year thus far, both on the stat sheet and off, Lee went three for four with three RBI’s and going yard in the seventh inning to put the final nail in the coffin for the Brew Crew, his third home run of the season. Lee has ballooned his batting average to just above .300 after that stellar game in Houston, while his home run numbers are not as amazing as Josh Hamilton, Lee is hitting far better than the calamity that is Albert Pujols in Anaheim.

Lee has three home runs, 40 hits, five doubles, one single, 12 walks, and 18 RBIs with only nine strikeouts; despite these decent numbers, Lee has done much more on the field, putting forth efforts that I thought I would never see out of him this year. Lee is diving for balls and hustling on plays he would have let go by him, one prime example is the game in Philadelphia where Lee ran into the first base umpire going for a ball that was put in play. Our beloved Caballo seems to have had a fire lit under him by Mills or somebody important to him, because he is playing baseball much better than I expected, I truly felt that Carlos would just go through the motions in his last year in Houston, but in only 32 games into the season, he has shown all Astros fans including myself that he is going to put forth a full effort into this year, which depending on his and General Manager Jeff Luhnow’s staff, may or may not be his last year in Houston.

>have low expectations for Carlos
>see him tear things up
>my face when

Lee’s future in Houston is quite irrelevant at this point in time, I just want to see more outstanding baseball from Carlos, proving to everybody he is not old and fat; he’s still kicking, and kicking like a horse he is!

– Richard Perez


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