Root. Root. Root!

The Astros have played some pretty good baseball as of late. They are only 3 games behind five hundred. With that said, the Astros have some guys making their plea for the All Star game. Here are a few that I think SHOULD make that squad. If not all, at least one. You ready?


WANDY RODRIGUEZ: Hmm…the Magic Wandy. What can be said? He’s been really solid until last night’s three home run game. Heck, he was even good then. He went 8+ innings giving up 4 runs all by way of the long ball. He came out in the ninth because he had a very low pitch count. I see nothing wrong with sending him back out there. He’s been one of the best pitchers in the NL this year. Had he not given up that last home run, he would have had a really good outing in my opinion. One at bat can change an entire performance, and it did last night. It didn’t win or lose him the game, but it made his line less sexy. Those were his first home runs of the young season.


JED LOWRIE: This dude is killing it in Houston already. He’s been great offensively and defensively. In fact, I’ve already written a blog just about Lowrie. For the people that think a change in scenery doesn’t have an effect on a guy, just look at Lowrie for evidence. He’s done nothing but good since coming from Boston. Luhnow knew what he was doing when he grab Jed. He has one of the highest batting averages in the NL and he leads the Astros in home runs.


JOSE ALTUVE: In case you missed it, I just finished up a quick blog on him over at Lee’s Astros. You can find that HERE! He is for sure making his case for the big game. Before getting the call last year he was hitting .389 in the minors. The legend of Altuve is growing strong you guys. He’s hitting .351 this year with an OBP (On base percentage) of .391. That is just amazing. His average is one of the highest in all of baseball.


If you’re new to Astros baseball. These guys aren’t the same as the past few years. The Astros have some guys that can play and actually deserve a spot on that All Star Roster. So if you haven’t filled out your ballots yet, you better make room for at least one of these guys! Root. Root. Root.


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