Myers turning into quality closer

“Yo Lee, I’ll eat your soul if you even TRY to get on base!”

Remember spring training? The question about our pitching staff was who was going to pitch late in the game. You guys remember that? I think the Astros have found their guy. The Astros and their fans have known since the spring exhibitions that Brett Myers was going to be the guy in the ninth. I was part of the crowd questioning how he would do. We all remember how he started games. He usually had a rough first inning. I wasn’t sure how he could do only pitching one inning. Earlier in his career he closed in Philly and ended with 21 saves and a respectable ERA.

Myers has the look of a dominant closer. Has the beard, has that look when approaching the plate, and lets not forget his “soul eating entrance music” that caused a little stir on twitter. His only problem? He’s not overpowering. But he’s shown that you don’t have to throw 96 MPH to be a dominant closer. Even though the Astros have 11 wins, not all of them have been save opportunities. Of the 11, Myers has had a save chance in 6 of those games and converted all 6. Like I said, even though he doesn’t have that overpowering fastball, he has terrific control of his offspeed pitches. Especially that curve ball. That thing is nasty. He may let a runner on, or throw a lot of pitches, but he’s been great early on.

Though it’s just May, 1st, one would have to think that if he keeps pitching this way, and the Astros aren’t in contention, (God willing they will be) someone will be very interested in his services. Luhnow has already mentioned he’s not looking into trading Myers, but he could all be bluffing. Where the Astros are as a franchise, one would believe he gets traded if the price is right. Who am I to make that accusation? Guess we’ll find out come trade deadline time!



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