Lyles shines, #Astros lose

Yo Lee, at least I wore makeup, cause I like to look pretty when I get screwed." - Jordan Lyles

The Astros made another mistake today. It won’t take me to long to get into with this blog post. If you followed my blog post last year, You would know how big of a Jordan Lyles fan boy I am. I love the guy. He’s really talented and an overall good guy. I finally got my wish. He was called up to make his 2012 Astros debut.


Everything was going well. We were into the fourth inning before he hung a breaking ball to Cozart who got a hard hit single. In the next pitch he gave up a two run bomb to Joey Votto. The Astros and Reds were now tied 2-2. He was looking great. He even had his velocity up by about 3 MPH from last year. That was something he was set to work on. When he left the game after serving up a quality start and having the Astros in prime position to take a series from the Reds in Cincy for the first time since 2009, the bullpen blows. I was not a very happy man while this was going down. It seemed like 2011 all over again, just with a better offense. I know, 2011 was a horrid year and we wish it could be erased from our history. But it can’t. Neither can today. Today was the toughest loss of our young season so far. We’re now 8-14, but we had a chance to come back to Houston after going .500 on a road trip for the first time in a while. It didn’t happen. The good thing about baseball? There’s always tomorrow. But for Lyles, after such a good start for him, he’s right back into Triple A. It must be frustrating for a player like Lyles. Unless he was told he would be back in AAA after today, I would imagine him to be pretty pissed. I know I am. Jordan, if you’re reading, I feel for you son.


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