Smile at the Birdie


So, this past weekend I took a trip to San Antonio to catch a Spurs game with some friends. It was amazing, but this post is not about the Spurs embarrassing the Phoenix Suns, no, it is about what I did Sunday at the River Center Mall. I walked into the Lids store with one thing on my mind, buy an Astros hat with the 50th anniversary patch, a purchase I have been putting off for months.

With plenty of cash left over from pitching in for gas and paying for my meals, I felt comfortable with the purchase I was about to make. I had just left Champs’ where I had purchased a shirt on clearance, and saw the Astros hat with patch was the standard $33.99. Thinking I’d get a better deal in Lids with my discount card, I ventured to the store to make the purchase I had been delaying for far too long.

When I began trying on the hats, pondering if I should get Brick Red or the standard black, I noticed the patch looked really tiny compared to the patch on the player’s hats on the field. It didn’t sit very well with me, not one bit. I began looking at other hats and tried various caps from the new Baltimore Orioles, to the powder blue Kansas City throwback.

None of them really quite suited me well until I laid my eyes upon the beautifully redesigned Toronto Blue Jays hat… Originally, I wasn’t a huge fan of the “screaming” bird with the stylized J, and didn’t like the colors, the black, light blue, and the steel colored hats didn’t tickle my fancy, but the new mix of future and retro caught my eye. As you can see in the photo above, I purchased the hat, but only after twenty to thirty minutes of trying to make up my mind. I am extremely indecisive when it comes to purchasing hats, and the short story above does my indecisiveness no justice. I stood with other patrons and an employee discussing and debating on the hats I liked, dislike, and so on, but the most interesting thing is that the Astros anniversary hat was so expensive.

It puzzled me that the hat would be priced differently in Lids than it is on, let alone a store within yards of one another. The price discrepancy kind of threw off my purchasing plans, leading me to buy the Blue Jays’ hat rather than the Astros. I paid $30 (give or take the amount of change) rather than $35 for the Astros hats. Another factor that led me off course was te fact that I thought the Astros would have the Colt .45′s has on sale with the anniversary patch similar to what the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim did last year with their 50th anniversary, the Angels featured the anniversary patch their Flashback Friday hats. I thought the Astros would have something similar to that lined up for this year, I had planned to purchase every hat from the Colts all the way to the blue and gold. Speaking of the Angels, last year, I bought the regular Angels hat with the patch and golden halo. What mystifies me about the hat I bought is that the patch is sown in and not the regular material that is commonly found on hats, and it is twice the size of the regular patch, the main reason why I bought it. Fueling my speculation that the players’ patches are much larger, so with that said, I’m going to sit back and scout for the large, sewn patch of the anniversary. Should I not find one, I’ll just purchase a regular one, but the question is, black or brick red. I have a black one with the 2010 All Star Game patch and a regular brick red I got from Minute Maid that my cousin bought for me.

More than likely, I’ll make the decision at the last second once again and which ever one my heart tells me to. I love the Toronto hat I have just added to my vast collection!

– Richard Perez


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